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Welcome to V4.0

I decided to redesign the site after being made redundant in January of this year. I was sitting there trying to write my CV, unhappy with the way it looked and how it sounded the same as every other cv I had written before, and this got me thinking about designing a interactive CV. So I typed it in to Google "as you do", and found 30 or so examples of some really creative CV's.

Which sealed the deal, and I started working on a couple concepts along the lines of my interests and hobbies. I quickly came up with using the periodic table as a way of displaying my CV information.

It took 2 days to create this concept and a further couple of weeks to produce this web site and I'm really happy with the results. Hopefully it will help with finding a new creative design position.

Tools used in the creation of this site : Photoshop | html | css | Jquery