Id - Adobe Indesign

I first started using MS Publisher to design a catalogue and quickly found the limitation of this program and decided to look at other Desk Top Publishing software (DTPS). I was considering the new Photoshop and Illustrator however I found out that the DTPS Indesign was part of the package, CS4 Design Standard.

Purchasing it for the company, through research, trial and error and tutorials, I learnt it's features. To me it pretty much worked like a website, calling for page content from various sources, and then applying a style to the content in the same way that CSS controls the visual elements of a webpage. This meant I didn't have to embed photos, fonts, text or graphics in to Indesign allowing me to use uncompressed .psd .ai files, thus enabling me to edit files in a cleaner and faster manner, saving me a whole load of work.
The pre-flight function is a also a nice feature allowing you to see any document errors before you send it off to the printers.