Ch - Computer History

Since I can remember I have always been interested in technology, from our first Donkey Kong hand held to our family's first home computer the Acorn Electron. Which I remember learning to create my first piece of code, a sunset. I must have only been around 9 years old, remembering being overjoyed and amazed with the resulting coloured lines that appeared on the screen

Around the age of 14 we got a Intel P133 for our family PC, quickly learning how to use the modem to play Xwing Vs Tie Fighter and Command & Conquer with friends over the phone line, causing our phone bill to raise enough for my mother to introduce a time limit; that didn't stop me sneaking down stairs after everyone was asleep.

Around the age of 20 I started to build and modify my own PC's, which taught me the hardware side of computing.
At the time I had more Neon lights inside my PC than Clacton Arcade but it did look cool! Oh how styles have changed. I still keep up with the latest hardware but prefer the pre built systems these days.